Be an Idiot on Your Own Time!

ihand I’m constantly amazed at how idiotic people can be.  Especially when they’re driving.  I’ll admit that I’ve had a few idiot moments in my life and I’m sure there are a few who would gladly enumerate them for me.   But I like to think that I’ve matured enough to know that idiot behind the wheel is not cool.

I’m sure you’ll agree that drinking and driving is one of the top idiot things to do, right?  What about talking on the phone while driving? How about watching one of those portable dvd players while driving…yes, I’ve seen that too.  But where would you put texting and driving on the idiot scale?  Based on what I’ve seen, I think most people don’t think it’s very idiotic at all.  Did you know that texting and driving is 26 times more likely to cause an accident then drunk driving?

The other day, while running some errands, I could not believe what I saw.  Keep in mind that I have a car full of kidlets, so perhaps my view is a little colored.  Not long after getting on the road, a little white car starts tailgating me…and swerving back and forth.  My first thoughts were impatient driver…idiotic in it’s own right, but not uncommon around here.  I’m not about to become an idiot myself and speed for any one…especially with precious cargo.

Most of the time the impatient idiots tend to be teen drivers…that’s who I thought was behind the wheel of the little white car.  Eventually they get impatient enough and go around me.  At one stop I was able to see the reason why this particular driver was swerving and riding my behind.  She was texting and driving…or at least attempting to drive.  There were 3 times that she barely stopped before driving over me…and 2 other times she swerved far enough into the other lane to have caused a head-on accident.

What makes it worse in my mind…she wasn’t a thoughtless teen.  She  could have been old enough to be my mother!  Okay…I shouldn’t make that kind of judgment..but she was definitely old enough to know better.

Honestly, I don’t care how much anyone wants to be an idiot.   But do it on your own time, please!  When you decide to be an idiot behind the wheel, you put everyone else in danger.  And some of those people are innocent like my own kidlets.



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