ehandKnowing, starring Nicolas Cage, is a sci-fi movie about knowing_astrophysicist  John Koestler, whose young son, Caleb, brings home an envelope from a 50yr old time capsule opened at his school.  The envelope contains a sheet of paper with a seemingly random set of numbers.  John eventually connects the numbers to disasters leading up to a catastrophic event that will happen in 2009.  Many of the disasters seem to involve him and members of  his family, which is okay because it gives the sense that somehow he’s supposed to have the solution…good happy hero kind of ending.  Adding to the weird numbers, a group of quiet strangers keep showing up around Caleb…and the daughter and granddaughter of the original scribbler of the numbers also become drawn into the odd things going on.  Again, ok…good story build up and subtle hints again of heroic events to come.

Up to this point Knowing was pretty good.  I tend to like weird and odd sci-fi…and the special effects of things like the plane crash were pretty spectacular.  But at about the time John chases one of the silent stalkers into a corn field and the stranger blinds him with white light shot from his mouth, I begin wondering if this might be going beyond weird and odd and bordering on stupid.  I also started to get disappointed when the daughter of the scribbler dies…not going to be the kind of happy ending where the guy gets the girl, everyone is saved (except the bad guy) and life is somehow better.

I’m sorry if this is spoiling it for others…please stop reading if it is.  The ending took a flying leap past weird and landed deep into stupid.  It was the most idiotic stupid ending that was no where on my radar of stupid endings.  Apparently the quiet strangers were alien beings sent to collect those who could hear their message of doom and disaster.  The most stupid thing was that it only included those who heard the message…not anyone who might have listened to those “prophets” and interpreted their confused ravings.  Not to mention that the only message these “benevolent” beings sent were about disaster and doom…and drove innocent children insane.  Like I’d trust anyone that cruel.  So the whole promise that John keeps giving to his son about being a family together forever gets ripped apart and John has to watch his son taken by alien beings (who transform into angel type beings complete with wings…which makes them safe, right?) to who knows where…and then experience the destruction of the world with the rest of the unlucky world.  Even the last scene of  the children running through a flowery field towards a glowing tree (can anyone say Adam and Eve please) can’t make up for the stupid stupid stupid ending.



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