A Child…is not Forgotten

ahand It’s taken me a while to get up the courage to write this.  There’s not a lot that I can say, so this will probably be short, simple and hopefully sweet.  On August 22 two young children fell into a pool.  The 5 year old didn’t make it and passed away a couple days later.

I can’t say why this hit me so hard…other then I have a 5 year old myself and pool accidents are one of my worst fears.  Yet my heart aches for this family.  I pray for peace and comfort in the days and years to come.  Hold your child a little longer today for another child never forgotten!



One thought on “A Child…is not Forgotten

  1. That breaks my heart. It kills my heart hearing that especially when you know or have a child so close to that age. It is horribly hard to endure loosing such a small and innocent child.

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