Garden Disaster

ohand Early last month, on a seemingly good day, I walked outside to look at my garden. This is what I found…

Needless to say, the good day turned into a bad day really fast.  Because of the circumstances out of my control, I wasn’t able to care for my garden as usual.  The kidlets were valuable help, but they’re not able to do it all.  At some point earlier that week the power breaker to the watering system tripped.  We don’t know how long the garden was without water, but it wouldn’t have taken long in 110+ degree weather to do such damage.  I was disappointed in loosing the zucchini and beans…cucumbers aren’t my favorite so it was less of a loss to me…but I’m heart sick over loosing the elderberry.  GadgetMan brought it with us in our move and worked hard to get it to grow here.  I was also worried about the grapes  and blackberries.  Even though we lost the fruit from both plants, I think the plants themselves will be okay.

Setbacks like this are always hard, but moving forward is the only thing to do.  My tomatoes are doing well…even the cherry tomatoes that got decimated by hornworms and then the “drought” are giving fruit again. The kidlets planted pumpkins in place of the beans, and we’ll plant some watermelons and “waterlopes” in place of the cucumbers.  I’ll probably even try brussels sprouts again along with some broccoli where the zucchini bit the dust.  I even got some elderberry seeds to try for GadgetMan.

Despite hardship, trials and drought…life goes on.


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