A Child…is Funny

ahand I love the way a child thinks. Even when it takes some effort to decode at times, it’s always fun to see how a child thinks. In a child’s mind, A+B always equals C…it’s just that “C” doesn’t always mean “C” to the adult thinking. “C” can be surprising, confusing, shocking and very funny. But if you think about it, this is exactly what keeps us adults on our toes and smiles on our faces.

Here are a few “C”s that always make me smile.

One of my children was terrified to get his hair washed. Come to find out after months of compromising and fighting him, he was afraid of getting soap in his eyes because he didn’t want the soap to “slip his eyes out”!

My always thinking nephew insists that it’s his Daddy’s turn to have a baby. He has 2 younger sisters and he’s ready for a brother!

One of my children has always loved cars and trucks…the bigger the better. For a while he had a love for the big construction equipment. The only thing is that he never wanted to learn the real name of these things. He had his own names for them and stubbornly refused to be corrected. One day while driving through a heavy construction zone, his little voice pipes up from the back. “Look ____! There are Hookers! Those workers have lots of Hookers!” GadgetMan nearly drove off the road from laughing so hard. I’m just glad the windows weren’t open.

I knew a little boy who cried after watching his mom change his new baby sister’s diaper…because she was “broken”. (Think about it…)

Young children love to experiment with words and communication. Some of the words that my children have shocked and giggled me with are — “it’s possible”…imagine a precocious 18mos old using that phrase when asked a question; “complicated”; “necessary”; “responsible”; (I know there’s a lot more, but my brain’s gone blank.)

One child loves to say prayers. For a long time they were the simple “bless the food” or “bless my sleep” kind of prayers…typical for a 2 year old. Lately he’s become more creative and his prayers have gotten longer. What I love though is that after “amen”, he gets a huge grin on his face, holds his thumbs up and says, “That’s a good one!”

One child was watching birds playing on the neighbor’s roof. “Look mom, they’re kissing!” Sure enough, it looked like they were…but another child had to correct his sibling. “They’re not kissing, they’re mating.” What!?! When asked if he knew what that meant, he was correct in that “mating” meant a boy and girl getting ready to have babies. But I’m still grateful that in his young mind “mating” is as innocent as a kiss…though I now wonder what he thinks when he sees his daddy and I kissing. I know he’s still innocent in his understanding because a short while later he told his sibling that the “kissing” birds where playing again because one was giving the other a piggy-back ride!

One child, at about a year old, loved dogs. She called them “roof-roofs” and loved to point them out whenever she saw them. While visiting my Aunt one day, she completely panicked at the sight of my Aunt’s little black poodle. Despite all our efforts in telling her it was just a little dog, she wouldn’t say anything but “no roof-roofs!” I’m not sure anyone really blamed her though.

I could spend all night sharing how funny my children are and how much I love their A+B=C logic, but I’m sure we’ve all giggled and laughed enough tonight. Keep smiling and laugh with your child…they grow so fast.


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