Garden Triumphs

ohand Winter seemed to drag its feet into spring and now spring is racing into summer.  Even though our weather here doesn’t get to freezing very often, little spring is still frustrating for gardens.  Weather in the high 90s and low 100s is always hard on young plants…any plant really.  I always worry that my little garden is going to scorch.  But so far so good.  Things are covered and shaded as need be and seem to be doing well if not thriving.  Here are a few pictures of my particular triumphs.

The blackberry bushes are covered in new little berries…and I don’t have to share them with the birds this year!


Don’t those grapes look good?  I have 4 different varieties and can’t wait to see how they turn out.

These are my Alpine White strawberries.  GadgetMan put up the simple fence to keep the dogs out of them and now they’re thriving again.  Amazing thing is that they’re not supposed to be thriving like this in our heat.  I guess no one told these guys that. 🙂

This is the little elderberry that wasn’t supposed to grow here either.  This little guy moved with us and came back from the grave several times.  He’s inspired us to try to grow some more.  I have 2 different kinds ready to be sprouted soon.  I’d like to cover the whole back section as a hedge of elderberries.  I think that would reduce a lot of reflective heat.  Plus the elderberries are good too! **Ignore the bermuda grass…we’re still fighting the  battle and hope to get this back section eradicated this fall.

My beets are doing way better this year.  The first year I tried them we hardly got anything.  These babies are still little in the ground, but are growing beautifully.  They’d be nearly perfect if I hadn’t had to replant due to a certain neighbors cat.  I was hoping  to have these all ready to demonstrate how to make my Great Grandmother’s Pickled Beet recipe during a food preservation workshop GadgetMan and I are participating in tomorrow.  I’m looking forward to all the other classes, but feeling a little nervous (ok close to puking nervous!) about demonstrating this pickling method.

This my ultimate triumph!  A little green beauty!  Temps are well above 90 but my pampered tomato plant is showing gratitude.  The other plants aren’t quite as big as this one, but it won’t be long before they’re just as beautiful.  I probably won’t see too many more fruit, but I’ll enjoy this while I can.


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