Breathe Easy Candle Tarts

uhand I’m pleasantly surprised at how well these homemade essential oil candle tarts are working.  I was hopeful of course, and all my research indicated that it should work at least as well as the store plug in vapor things.  But I’m always a little cautious with my hopes about things like this.  Often things are really “too good to be true”.

But I can now say, after several weeks of trials with another wave of colds and coughs that tried to sweep through, these simple essential oil candle tarts work wonderfully.  And they’re so much cheaper then the store vapor thingies.   Even DoubleD, who can have long labored nights with wheezing and coughing, found relief within an hour…and was nearly cough free for the whole night.  I’m a true believer now and will be making these often.  I’m even looking into other essential oils for different kinds of tarts…maybe for migraines or easy sleeping or something.

They are so simple to make.  If you know how to make candles, then this will be a piece of cake.  If you’re a novice like me, then take a few minutes and google how to make candles.  It’s easy to do, but there are a few precautions that should be noted and followed…burns and house fires aren’t a part of my recipe.  Ok…so here’s my recipe:

  • 1lb soy wax
  • candle dye
  • 10 drops of eucalyptus essential oil
  • 5 drops of peppermint essential oil
  • molds

There are a few different kinds of candle waxes to choose from.  Beeswax would be the most “healthy” I’m sure…with beeswax having so many beneficial qualities.  But it’s quite expensive…unless you have your own source to work with.   I chose soy wax because it’s supposed to burn healthier…less soot kind of thing (if I were to use wicks)…and has a lower melting point.  Which is better for the essential oils.  Supposedly heating essential oils can lower the effectiveness of their healthy qualities.  I’m still new at this, so I don’t know all the details…and the 2 oils that I used in my candle tarts appear to be working well enough.  (A note: Use therapeutic essential oils!  I also just heard that oregano essential oil is good for colds…I think in my next batch I might try a few drops.)

I melted the soy wax according to directions, let it cool slightly and then mixed in several drops of blue and yellow candle dye to make a “minty green” (sort of) color.  The dye isn’t necessary, but I figured that if I make a bunch of different “flavors” then it’s probably a good idea to have a visual distinction.  Plus they’re “perty” 🙂 .

After getting the color the way I wanted it, I added the essential oils and mixed well.  Then it was just a matter of carefully pouring the hot wax into the molds I chose.  There are all kinds of candle and tart molds, but I just used some candy molds…cheaper and cuter.  But honestly, the molds aren’t necessary either.  In fact, I misjudged how much a lb of wax would make.  What didn’t fit in the molds I just poured in a flat cookie sheet.  After it cooled it was easy to cut or break up into smaller pieces.  They’re going to be melted in tart warmers anyways.

I store them in old canning jars (for now) and use them as needed.  To use, I just add a few pieces to a heat safe little cup that I set in a potpourri simmer pot.  I let it run in the kidlet’s room(s) for 3-4 hours at bedtime and then unplug.  The melted tarts will continue to release the essential oils for most of the night.  By morning, it’s all cool again so even if the kidlets get to the simmer pot, they won’t get hurt.

At first I wasn’t sure if any of it was working.  The smell is not anything like the store stuff.  In fact the strongest smell is a light peppermint dominant smell…even with the door nearly closed.  That very first night though, with DoubleD fighting another round of croupy cough, his breathing eased and we both slept with only a few coughing interruptions.  By the third night there was no coughing while he slept at all, and even the wheezing during the day was so much better.  A week later LittleMiss and FireBird started getting the cough (and fever)…again about 3 days after using these homemade candle tarts they were both better….with hardly any coughing in the night through the whole time. This is definitely something we’ll continue to use.

Another great thing is that when the heated tarts loose their smell, I save them in another container and can remake a whole other batch with the used wax.  More savings!

(Disclaimer: I am not a medical professional and therefore nothing in this post or anywhere on this site is meant to diagnose or treat any medical conditions.)


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