Cat Fight – Checkmate!

ohand We did it! We found a way to keep the neighbor’s strays out of my garden…and no cat lost its life in the process…though it might have been close a few times.

Just as a refresher, check here and here.

The final solution took a little trial and error. You’d be amazed at how tiny a spot a determined cat can get through. But with GadgetMan’s problem solving genius, we won in the end. It’s not pretty or anything, but it works…and the upside is that the birds are kept out too.

GadgetMan enclosed my simple garden in bird netting.  It took 3 strips that I wove together with simple fishing line.  You can see a simple pvc pole used to support the center.  Eventually I want to get a couple tall planter stands.

Sections of pvc pipe were used to attach it to the wall.  Not pretty, but effective.

Then we used sections of poles to hold the sections between the pipes to hold the netting tight against the wall.

More pvc was used to hold the netting up along the fence line…high enough to walk under.

GadgetMan made clever gate panels.  Again, not pretty, but it all works well enough.  Our brutal summer heat guarantees that we’ll be replacing the pipes at some point.  But that gives us time to tweak the design and make it near perfect by the time we do.

The best news is that my garden is now cat free!  My tomatoes are growing well…still a few weeks behind…but well on their way to grow up big  and strong.  CareBear has volunteered to replant the carrot bed…and I think I can get her to plant some more radishes and beets.  Zucchini is finally coming up…and my seed order is on its way.  🙂  I’m still battling evil bermuda grass…but I think that’s one war that will be on going.


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