Tech Support

ihand Ya right! Can you hear the sarcasm dripping from my voice?  Tech support my foot!

Let me preface this by  saying that I have dealt with some wonderful tech support individuals…and I thank them for their help.  But I can count those times on 1 hand.  Most tech support has been anything but supportive!

First there’s the so called helpful phone menu system…which if  it doesn’t bounce me around like a ping pong ball, cuts me off before I can get anywhere close to help…or holds me in place for horrid amounts of my precious time.  I hate to wait for their convenience…like my time is any less valuable then theirs.  Don’t they know that by the time I’m calling for tech support I’m already frustrated to the point of murder?  And then when I do somehow make it through I either get the operator who is either thickly accented, in training or completely brain dead.  Just my luck…I can’t understand them, they can’t understand me or I get cut off again and bounced all over.  Did I mention that by this point the baby’s screaming, the 3, 5 and 7 year old are fighting and the preteens are expressing “moods” again?  Not to mention the problem I was calling about in the first place that isn’t anywhere close to being resolved?

I hope that the Murphy’s Law of 3s holds true….because if I have to deal with more tech support I’m going to go insane.  We’ve been dealing with 3 oh so fun issues over the last couple of days.  One I’m still on hold with…waiting for call backs from supervisor’s supervisor…knowing that even when that call comes I’ll be on hold who knows how many more times trying to get the issue resolved and will probably  have to fill out and find more paperwork to satisfy “the powers that be”.

Another tried to tell us “so sorry, can’t help” because they  didn’t have proof…or at least couldn’t take the time to look at the screen in front of them.  When confronted with the proof, the excuse was then that it must be the “other departments” fault.   I refuse to be cheated just because they can’t get their act together enough to communicate properly.  If we weren’t already out some, I’d tell them to stick it where the sun don’t shine and demand my money back!  We’re supposed to see results sometime this week…I’ll believe it when I see it.

The last one really really makes me furious.  I bought a product (for way more then I think is reasonable…but because they pretty much corner the market, I don’t have much say in the price)…went to install it and a “file” was missing from the earlier version I was using.  Shouldn’t be a big deal, right?  I bought a new version…so it shouldn’t matter…right?  WRONG!!!  Apparently without that “file” I can’t finish the config or try to install it on any of my other computers (we have 4 total…a dinosaur, 1 for the kidlets, 1 family/home, and 1 for GadgetMan’s work).  How stupid is that!!???!!  Telling me I can’t use the product how I want!  I paid good money for this  product…I should be able to use it how I want!  It’s none of their business if I want to use it with all my computers…or use it as a coaster…or eat the stupid thing!  And then…if you try to call for tech support…guess what they have the gall to do?  They want a credit card number…so they can charge more outrageous fees for their tech support services!!! Stupid!  I can tell someone is living big!

Good news though is that GadgetMan came home tonight and found the  missing file…don’t know how it got there…but that issue is  solved for now (though I can guarantee we’ll run into the same insane issue again when we’re forced to buy another product from them).

If you can’t tell by now I hate having to deal with tech support…I always end up with a migrain and an upset stomach.  Thank you to all of the great tech support out there…I’m sure they’re out there somewhere.



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