A Child…is Too Sweet

ahand For the most part I enjoy Holidays and Celebrations.  I love watching my children have tons of fun.  What I don’t like is the excess that comes from all the commercialism and the need to do everything.  And after this last Easter holiday,  I have decided that at least one area of excess is going to change with my children.  We were invited to an Easter Egg hunt here at our local park, and thought it would be a lot of fun.  So with extremely excited children, we put together 2 dozen candy filled plastic eggs…per child!  The eggs were to be dropped off the night before for hiding…but we got rained out!  Not to disappoint, GadgetMan and I hid the eggs around the house and let them have fun.

And  fun they had! 🙂  But think of the candy!  This is on top of the Easter Bunny’s delivery!

I don’t let my children eat candy indiscriminately.  And truth be told, we really don’t have a lot of sweets in the house most of the time…we’re not sugar-free…it just isn’t a big part of our diet.  But over the last few days we’ve had way too much candy…more then normal.

I’ll say this…there is no way anyone can  tell me that candy and sweets don’t effect a child’s behavior.  Wow! is all I can say.  The moodiness and meltdowns and anger issues over the last couple of days has been unreal.  I think a few things are going to be changed before the next Holiday or Celebration. I think a few new traditions will be started…or restarted.  When our oldest 2 were little we used to have “visits” from The Great Pumpkin…90% of their candy was left out to be exchanged for a nonsweet gift.  I think The Great Pumpkin needs to be invited to return…and a few of his friends along with him!



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