D.B. Tip #3 & #4

uhand Tidy D.B. Tip: I have discovered the best cleaning and dusting cloths!  I’m probably the very last to know this…but just in case I’m not, I’ll share my find.  Ok…I can’t take complete credit because someone had recommended using them to make my own swiffer cloths.  But I discovered how wonderful they are for cleaning…for myself.  I used one out of almost desperation to clean the floor of  the bathroom the other day and was amazed at how easy and quickly the job was done.  And the best part was how quickly the baseboards cleaned up!  My house has horrible baseboards…horrible in the fast that dust and dirt accumulates there and they’re horrible to clean.  I love the microfiber cloths…I don’t think my baseboards have ever looked so good!

I plan on making some swiffer cloths…trying to make some swiffer dust cloths…and make some other things as well.  When I get the design all figured out I’ll share.

Oh and a Provident D.B. Tip: Costco has a huge pack of microfiber cloths for a good price.  They’re in the auto section…sold as auto cleaners.  And they’re a bright yellow color…but that’s a minor point if they do a good job…at least for me.


One thought on “D.B. Tip #3 & #4

  1. If you spray them with windex to the point where they are moist not sopping wet, they make a GREAT window/glass cleaner (if I am thinking of the right thing that you are talking about). One swip and the mirror is clean and you don’t have to go back and dry the darn thing. Just follow the directions carefully for how you wash them or else they loose their ability to give you a streek free shine. Just a little damp windex mirco fiber makes for a quick clean anywhere you go (counters, etc.) as you found out. Amazing stuff.

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