Strawberry Heaven

ohand If I had to pick a favorite fruit I’d have to say strawberry.  There’s nothing like enjoying a bowl of strawberries in milk…with a light dusting of sugar.  I love them in ice cream…with shortcake…dipped in chocolate…and even all by themselves!

I have a couple of patches of alpine whites that taste like strawberry candy.  They’re great in the home garden because the birds don’t know they’re there…but it’s been a battle to keep the dogs and kidlets out of them.  They disappear fast.  But my all time favorite are the simple red strawberries.  A couple years ago I planted a bunch of some Bonnie everbearing strawberries near the patio, but ended up moving them to a better spot last year.  Apparently they didn’t like that because I lost all but 2 of them.  But if you know strawberry plants, even a couple will spread fast in the right place.  I know have a nice little patch that is already throwing out large wonderful berries!  Unfortunately the birds ate the first few before GadgetMan put up some bird netting for me.

Today the kidlets and I enjoyed a small handful of strawberry heaven!  All except GadgetJunior…he’s not a strawberry fan…not sure what’s wrong with him…but that just gives me extra! 🙂

Don’t they look heavenly?


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