Dr. Who

ehand I’m going to make a guilty little confession. I love this sci-fi series! From the very first episode! Though I did watch the first episode with a lot of 51wyys4437l_sl500_aa240_trepidation…all the advertisements for it sounded a lot weird. I admit that I like a “little” weird sometimes and I remember some of the original series…and I really didn’t have anything better to do at the time… But I was hooked before the first hour was over. Christopher Eccleston plays a Time Lord, known only as “The Doctor”, traveling through time and space keeping hostile forces in check. Along the way Rose Tyler, played by Billie Piper, becomes a passenger on his adventures. It was a lot of fun to watch…still is.

51kx51whf0l_sl500_aa240_This first season was great…I couldn’t see how the second season could get better. And I’ll admit that the change of the main actor was quite disappointing…at first. I don’t like change. But it didn’t take me long to come to enjoy David Tennant as the Doctor. Apparently a Time Lord can regenerate at the time of death into a whole new body. Convenient for the story line I suppose…but again I don’t really like change. So I suppose you can feel my groan of dismay when the second season ended with Rose being “lost” to the Doctor. Because of this…and a cancellation of satellite…it was almost 3 years before I had the chance and took the time to see the third season (I love Netflix). The first episode was fun, but the Doctor’s knew passenger, Donna, couldn’t handle the experience. Not sure why that was all necessary…but the second episode introduced Freema Agyeman as Martha Jones. I really liked her…even more so then Rose. Again I’m disappointed that she backs out in the last episode of the season. I suppose I should learn to accept the fact that this tv series is about change.

Despite my disappointment in Martha Jones, I think I loved this third season more then the first 2 seasons. Just as in the first 2, each episode pretty much61-auzfbhnl_sl500_aa240_ stands on it’s own but there’s another theme that is woven throughout the whole season…clues and hints are dropped here and there until conflict resolution in the end. I like those kinds of story lines. In this season, the Doctor discovers that he’s not the last Time Lord after all…and of course there’s a return of the Daleks…and Capt. Jack Harkness teams up with Martha and the Doctor for a few episodes. The nature of The Face of Boe is revealed 🙂 …complete surprise, but interesting…very interesting. There is one episode, Blink, that I have to mention specifically. In this episode, the Doctor and Martha are stranded and send messages to a stranger, Sally Sparrow. Ok…I’m going to admit that this episode really really creeped me out. I don’t mind movies and stories with an alien theme…they don’t bother me all that much. But I tend to get spooked by ghost stories. I like them…I guess there’s a bit of a morbid 51zbfueexgl_sl500_aa240_draw…but movies/shows/stories about ghosts scare me. In the episode, Blink, the “enemy” live in a time shift kind of thing that makes them freeze when looked at. Let’s just say that I’ll never ever be able to look at statues (particularly angel statues) the same way again. I’ll never be able to have the charming English garden with the statue ornamentation throughout….like that would ever happen…but still…

I’m looking forward to seeing the fourth season as soon as possible. (I’m a little disappointed it’s not on instant watch…but I promised the kidlets a few other movies before I can get that one.) If you like a little weird…ok a little more then a little…try this tv series.



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