Dreamer – Inspired By a True Story (2005)

ehand I usually don’t like movies like Dreamer . More often then not they seem to end in a sad way. But one of my kidlets loves horses…so I thought this might be a fun movie for her. Sure enough she loved it. And surprise, surprise I did too!

dreamerDakota Fanning plays Cale, the daughter of Ben Crane played by Kurt Russell. He rescues a broken race horse as severance pay in the hopes of breeding her. After healing the horse…against all odds…and finding out that she’s infertile, Cale helps him to find faith in her abilities to race again. Through the love and loyalty of this little girl and miraculous horse, there is healing and family unity for everyone.

I don’t think they could have gotten anyone better to play little Cale…who is sweet and strong willed as well. She is such a talented little actress. And the story was wonderfully heartwarming as well. And the ending was far from sad…just the opposite. I really enjoyed watching my family sitting on the edge of their seats cheering for Sonyador to win…and then realizing that my own heart was racing with excitement.

If you haven’t seen Dreamer yet, it’s one that I’d recommend in a heartbeat!



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