Cat Fight!

ihand I am fuming mad right now!  On top of everything else I’m struggling  with right now, I have  been trying to out smart a neighborhood “stray” cat.  Technically he’s not a stray…he belongs to the neighbor behind us.  This cat from day 1 has decided that my garden beds are perfect “dumping grounds” for his crap!!!

We spent the last several weekends building new garden beds and cleaning out the old beds (had a nasty problem with Bermuda Grass)…spent all this time and hard work…and then planted 4 of them.  Next morning I go out to find the cat had been in them again!  Ok…deep breath…the tomato beds were covered with plastic (to warm  the soil) so it was only the carrot, radish, beets that were effected.  I do my best to clean up…then cover those beds with wire caging.   For several nights that seemed to work.  Then I go out one morning to find the beast had crawled under the caging!  And then a couple days later I found he’d somehow climbed under the plastic covering 1 of my tomato beds!  And then today I find he’s been in the other bed…and the seedlings in there are dead!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am so ticked that I am seriously considering rock salt buckshot — my grandpa used to say that was the only way to keep strays away!

Don’t get me wrong…I love cats.  I have a beautiful, sweet house cat.  But I can not stand the “stray” using my garden for his “business”.  Do you know how nasty that smells?!?!  I’m going to have to replace all that plastic!  And cat pee destroys seeds!  Several hard weeks of work ruined because someone can’t be responsible enough to keep their pets under control!  Plus it’s my GARDEN…we’re growing FOOD there!!!!  Or at least trying to.

And do you know what makes me more angry and frustrated?  This is the same neighbor who gets all bent out of shape if the wind blows my lawn sprinklers into the wall.  It’s cinderblock wall…and she’s “artistically stuccoed” her side.  So if it gets wet, her precious wall gets discolored.  I do my best to make sure none of my sprinklers hit the wall…but I have no control of the wind!

Well…I thought ranting a bit would help me feel better…doesn’t…


An Update


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