Down and Derby

ehand Last week GadgetJunior had his cubscout Pinewood Derby (he  did very well..taking 1st in his pack).  As an ironic twist of events, we also got Down and Derby that week from Netflix.  It was a complete coincidence…but a fun way to end the week.

Down and Derby is about a group of 4 dads who have this life long competition about anything competitive going on.  1 ALWAYS wins everything and that irks the other 3.  When their sons come home with Pinewood Derby kits, the competition turns into a whole new level of obsessive frenzy!  The dads take over and go to all kinds of extreme  levels to build the fastest car.  At first the boys are upset at being left out, but soon learn how take advantage of their fathers’ obsession.  In the end, the “2nd best” dad has to choose between his love for his son and his desire to finally beat his rival.  I’m sure it’s not hard for you to guess what he chooses…but it’s still a fun twist of events in the end that makes you want to stand up and cheer!



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