A Child…is not Deaf

ahand We make think so sometimes.  I’m sure we can all relate many accounts of our children demonstrating the annoying habit of not listening. But barring those cases of physical ailments, children are not deaf!  So why are 95% of children’s toys loud?!?  Especially the toys of young children?!?

LittleMiss just had her first birthday…and of course that calls for presents, right?  Even though she really didn’t need *more* toys, a birthday really isn’t fun without a couple, right?  She’s only 1 so picking out a couple of toys should be easy, right?  WRONG!!  I walked the toy aisles at the store for what felt like forever.  The majority of the toys were either not at her level, not an interest to her, or way too loud.  Not at her level or interest…that’s predictable…children grow at differing rates and like different things.  But the too loud is horribly frustrating!  Don’t the manufacturers know that those kinds of noises can damage little ears?!?!

I have never liked the loud toys…in fact…most of my children’s toys loose their batteries in the night or get duct tape over the speakers.  Not pretty, but it’s usually effective.  And I don’t allow the volume on electronics to be loud either.  Recently, we found out that all my precautions over the last years have been right on.  Some events with one of our children culminated in testing and a consultation with a pediatric audiologist.  She was glad that she didn’t have to advise us to be aware of children’s toys…and the apparent increase in volume over the years.  Children’s ears (and the delicate works inside) continue to grow and mature just like the rest of them.  Loud noises can do damage…particularly if repeated over and over, like from a favorite toy.

For LittleMiss, we finally settled on a colorful car, train (that makes soft popping noises when the wheels turn) and a pop-up toy.  I rejected so many others….it’s so sad.



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