Birthday Cake with Pudding Frosting

uhand Before I share, I’d like to take a minute and remember why Dust Bunnies find sanctuary in my house.  I am in no way a “Domestic Diva”!  To be honest…I just don’t have the talent, skills or patience to be another Martha Stewart…or a “Molly Mormon”.  I love my family and will do almost everything for them…and I do find satisfaction in a job well done…and peace and joy in a well kept home.  But with 6 kidlets there isn’t enough time to be perfect…and I honestly don’t like being in the kitchen or scrubbing floors.

With that in mind, I’d like to share a very yummy, but very simple cake and frosting I made this weekend.  Our LittleMiss turned 1, and of course I wanted something special for her 1st birthday.  So off to the store we went…but there was only 1 cake that met the “allergy” requirement…and that one looked like it had been dropped a couple times!  *Big Sigh* That meant making her one.  *Bigger Sigh* I don’t like making birthday cakes.  In fact…thoughts of doing so makes me a bit of panicky!  Those who know me will no doubt remember the “Barbie cake disaster of ’01” or the “Frog cake scare of ’03″…among many others.  I used to try making the kidlets’ birthday cakes way back when there was no room in the budget for anything else.  But they were always a huge disappointment.  It was a huge relief when I didn’t have to make them anymore.

I don’t know if I’ve gained a little more skill in my *older* age or what, but the cake I made LittleMiss this weekend turned out pretty good.  Granted…I did find a cake mix without “allergy” concerns…just a simple white cake.  And I dragged out the Bake-n-Fill that I got years ago in the hopes of producing something enjoyable.  Made the white cake…cooled it in the freezer…and then filled it with strawberry pie filling.  Simple…

A neat tip from the Hungry D.B. = put the cake on the lid of the bowl big enough to cover the cake.  Then it’s a snap to put the bowl over the top and store in the fridge.

The frosting took a bit more of my worry.  I had to make that one from scratch…which was not a happy thought.  Here’s what I finally came up with:

Mix 1 small package of pudding mix (I used banana) with 1/2 cup of milk (depending the flavor I imagine you could add pureed fruit also)…mix well…then fold in 8oz of whipped topping.  Chill and then frost like normal.  (I think it might be a good idea to make sure the cake is chilled too…warm cake could make the pudding frosting run.)

Ignore my pathetic decorating skills…but doesn’t it look yummy?

As you can see, we all thought so…


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