You’ve GOT to be Kidding Me!

ihand Okay….I’ve avoided any kind of comments about the Suleman woman and her octuplets.  I may not agree with all of the decisions and choices that came into play over all of this.  But I recognize the fact that they are her choices…I have enough challenges in my own life without trying to take on hers.  Honestly, I get more frustrated at that childish temper tantrums everyone else seems to be hurling at her.

I try to ignore most of that…like I said…there’s more worthy things to worry about.  But I heard something tonight that floored me.  I’m so flabbergasted that this particular person would have actually said this.  Though I suppose I shouldn’t be all that surprised…why should someone who sais he’s all about “family” actually believe what he sais? Or really understand what “family” means?  Want to know who I’m talking about?  Dr. Phil….

I used to like watching his show…years ago…but over the last couple of years, I’ve become disheartened and discouraged.  He used to be about helping people…but now I feel it’s more about sensationalism and ratings.  It’s all about him…and what “he” can do for “them” and why “they” can’t make it without “him”.  Well…

Apparently Dr. Phil is on a mission to help this poor delusional mother and save these neglected children.  ::)  ::)  I caught a little snipet commercial of an upcoming episode…and his comments have me fuming!  The first…was basically him asking her if she was ready to admit she made a mistake.  Granted, we weren’t privy to the whole conversation in this commercial…but the whole tone was pointing to an opinion that having these precious little babies was a mistake.  Is the value of human life really that low?

It was the second comment that had me nearly throwing a book  through the tv.  Dr. Phil had the audacity to say that having 14 children (Suleman had 6 children previous to the octuplets…in case you didn’t know) was wrong because no mother could love that many children.  That having too many children spreads a mother too thin so she can’t possibly love those children.  What a LOAD of CROCK!!!!!

I can NOT believe he said that!  So what does he view as “too many children”? 14? 10? 6? 2?  He only has 2 children, right?  Soooo….are my 6 kidlets too many?  Am I spread too thin?  Am I not capable of loving them enough?

I guess that’s what the world is coming to…the value of life is low…and the value of motherhood is even lower…right?





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