Random Views

ehand I really like Netflix. 🙂 Last year we took a bit of tax return and got a years subscription…I think it was one of the best decisions we did.  It gives us a chance to preview movies without the temptation of buying them…and it’s made it easier for GadgetMan and I to have a weekly date night and a family movie night.  Here are a few quick reviews from some of the Views we’ve watched over the last while…

afaroffI’ve liked A Far Off Place since I saw it for the first time years ago.  It’d been a while, but it was fun watching it again with my children.



hancockHancock could have been really good, but it was ruined by all the vulgar, crude and disgusting behavior.



emberI’m looking forward to reading the books that City of Ember was based upon.  There were a few things I think will be clearer when I do, but I still really enjoyed this movie.



pandaKung Fu Panda really surprised me.  I’m not a fan of movies with a lot of kung fu type stuff.  But I think this movie was a really cute movie about following your dreams and overcoming perceived appearances.



nannyAgain Nanny McPhee was one that really surprised  me.  The previews had turned me off because I don’t like bad behavior glorified.  But this movie really wasn’t about that…in fact, it’s about showing how ugly bad behavior looks and how love makes a difference.



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