ahand I keep being assured that every parent has at least one stubborn child.  I have been blessed with 6 of them!  Aren’t I lucky? 🙂  Don’t get me wrong…I do feel extremely lucky…and I love my kidlets more then life itself!  But sometimes the stubborn behavior gets a little tiresome.  GadgetMan is always saying that none of them can be more stubborn then him…because he’s had more practice. True 🙂 …but one of our kidlets is seriously challenging that argument.  When she gets her “back up” and decides not to do something, there is very little room for negotiations with her.

Case in point:  Last week we had cream of wheat for breakfast one morning. This particular child loves cream of wheat (which is sort of amazing because she doesn’t like many foods).  She was so excited about putting a couple of spoonfuls of berry jam in it – it turns it purple which is her favorite color. 🙂   Her younger sibling on the other hand is only lukewarm in his like of cream of wheat (personally I don’t blame him 🙂 ).  We have a few food rules.  First is that you eat what you take…if I dish meals for them, I try to keep in mind everyone’s likes and dislikes.  The foods they don’t like get a “3 taste test” before they can decide not to eat it…1 to get past the gag; 2 to try; and 3 for an honest try.  If they dish their own, and we do make sure they keep their portions small, they need to eat what they take.  And if they throw a fit about it, they get sent to their room and their food gets saved for the next meal.  Okay…so now you kind of know the set up.  Our stubborn child was all set for enjoying her loved breakfast, when she heard her Daddy tell her younger brother, who at this point was really upset, that if he finished the 3 spoonfuls in his bowl (for the 3 taste test) he could have a breakfast muffin.  He gagged it down and got his muffin.  You can imagine what happened then…right?  Our wonderful, spirited, lovable, strong willed child decided that she wanted a muffin…and that the other rules no longer applied.  And I’m sure you can imagine the fits she gave when told she could have one AFTER she finished her cream of wheat…which wasn’t more then ½ a cup.  No amount of coaxing, bribing, encouragement and anger on my part would get her to finish it.  She never did finish it…2 days later I finally gave in and threw it out.  Before anyone gets all upset…she could have all the milk and juice she wanted AND she had all kinds of snack through out the day…the rules only apply to meals.

NONE of my other kidlets have gone more then 2 meals before finishing and moving on!  There are so many other examples of her stubbornness.  I’m not sure if I should fear the years to come…or smile and praise the fact that she knows her mind and is strong enough to stick to it.



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