All About Spelling

ehand This review is going to be a tiny bit different.  It’s not going to be about a movie or book watched or read for entertainment (though I suppose there might be some who would view this book as entertainment).  All About Spelling is a spelling curriculum that I feel like raving about.

For anyone who doesn’t know, our kidlets are homeschooled.  And we homeschool in a sort of eclectic way…that basically means that we don’t settle for one way or one textbook to teach from.  Our home is filled with many good books and we’re constantly adjusting what we use based on the individual needs of our kidlets.  Each child is different and has individual strengths  and weaknesses.  CareBear is a math-wiz (like her daddy), but has always struggled with language arts.  She reads well, but grammar and spelling has been a nightmare for her.  We have tried so many different things with little to no success that I think she was starting to think she’d never make any progress.

spellingbookl1I ran across All About Spelling last year and loved it almost at first sight.  The step by step approach that builds upon each step as it goes is exactly how she thinks.  I think that’s what makes math so easy for her.  When I ordered it, I had high hopes…at the very least, I figured it couldn’t be any worse then some of the other things we tried.

The other thing I love about this program is that it incorporates the different ways of learning.  There’s a lot of reinforcement with sound, sight and  touch.  It makes learning so much easier.  CareBear loves this spelling program.  She has flown through the lessons like she’s trying to make up lost time.  She’s just finished Level 2 and I have seen such a great improvement in her writing that I just had to rave on her behalf.  Words don’t frustrate and worry her anymore.  And GadgetJunior deserves a bit of a rave as well.  He struggles harder with words then CareBear ever did…we’re pretty sure he struggles with a form of dyslexia.  All About Spelling allows him to break words down and manipulate them until he has control of them.  He’s quite a bit slower in progress then his sister, but there is progress that is significant for him.

I love this spelling curriculum so far and have high hopes for continued success!



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