Orange Trial and Error (Big Time)

uhand Want to see my wonderful canning bungle?

GadgetMan brought home a whole lot of wonderfully sweet oranges (along with more lemons!! and a bunch of grapefruit) from a coworker with fruiting trees. We ate a lot (still are), but I thought I’d try canning some orange juice…kind of like the lemonade. After all we love orange juice, right?

First mistake – juicing the oranges in my lovely juice maker put too much bitter pith in the juice. I tried straining most of it out…apparently that doesn’t work very well.

Second mistake – canning the juice. Processing separated the rest of the pith, but then it’s still trapped in the jars…steeping the juice in those bitter oils. All of that changes the flavor.

I’ve tried straining and straining and straining some more…then mixing it with lemonade and more sugar. It’s drinkable…if it’s drunk immediately. But only if there’s a lot of sugar added…which sort of defeats the purpose, doesn’t it?

I’m not sure what else I can do…it makes me cringe to throw it all out…

Live and Learn 🙂


One thought on “Orange Trial and Error (Big Time)

  1. You could always pour it into your garden space. I figure that just about anything not meat can be recycled by some germ or bug…

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