Pawns Prevail by Douglas Niles

ehand I really enjoyed Pawns Prevail. The reading was simple and uncomplicated, but very fun from beginning to end. Yes it’s a “simple farm boy turn hero” kind of fantasy book.

Holt is the “farm boy” who meets the princess when she has his cart of cheese dumped off the bridge because it’s stuck and in her way. Not an action that endears herself to him. But when he’s hired to guide her party through the wilds in search of a magical artifact she thinks will save the kingdom, the fun begins :). While trying to stay ahead of grave robbers, zombies and a deadly darkness they meet and receive help from mythical and magical animals. And of course the adventure wouldn’t be complete without a search through an ancient castle and dark endless caverns beneath it, right?!

I also enjoyed the interactions between characters. Holt was a little depressing on a couple of occasions, but for the most part I liked him. The princess got on my nerves quite a bit more though. I can understand the whole “strong woman” thing, but she was more often brat then strong. The one thing I did like about her though, was that she really was pretty nice and caring…when she wasn’t acting the princess. I think I liked the “supporting characters” more then the main ones…particularly Holt’s father and the princess’ wizard.  🙂  🙂 My only complaint is the death of one of the other characters I liked.

All in all a good read!



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