A Child…is not Agreeing

ahand I started cheating! That sounds horrible, doesn’t it? And I suppose after I explain, there will be some who will still think I am horrible. But I’m a bit desperate and running out of ideas.

I’m sure you remember me complaining about LittleMiss turning into a shark? She did get better after the bottom 2 teeth came in all the way…but we’re again having little issues as the top 2 teeth are working their way out. Not as bad as before, but still painful and frustrating enough. I’m sure all nursing mothers from the beginning of time can relate. I don’t mind nursing her most of the time because with the introduction of more “real food” and her insatiable curiosity, she’s taking less time to nurse. She doesn’t want to miss anything. Morning and night are the 2 times that are the exception to that and tend to be longer. But she had been going to bed easier and sleeping through the night which has been a blessing in many ways. LittleMiss has been my longest nurser, so I’m a tiny bit possessive of our time together.

But all of that changed a couple of weeks ago. I’m sure my Little Miss is going through a growth spurt…these spurts have always been extremely stressful for both of us. If you consider her new teeth, lengthening and increased frequency of nursing and the nerve damage in my back/leg, it’s not hard to imagine the amount of pain I’ve been in the last several days. Let’s just say I’ve been anything but happy!

2 nights ago, after a particularly nightmarish 2 hours of trying to put her to bed, I desperately opened a can of formula (after previous experiences with my other children, I always have at least 1 can in the pantry). After making up a bottle, I sent it up with GadgetMan to feed her…hoping and praying that she would take a couple of ounces from him and go to sleep. Do you think she was agreeable? Hahahahahahaha…you’re laughing with me, right? Of course she wasn’t having anything to do with the formula…treated it like poison…and became over the top hysterical. I’m sure you can imagine how she made me suffer that night for the attempt.

Last night, dreading the whole process of putting her to bed, I had a wonderful “AHA” moment. I didn’t want to spend several hours putting her to bed…and I knew that she just needed a little extra food…plus I was feeling a little guilty for wasting a whole can of formula (especially when the budget is tight). I then remembered a friends “trick” for getting her child to drink milk…a little chocolate goes a looooong way! 🙂 Only problem with that is that LittleMiss gets a little tummy upset with chocolate. Then…”AHA”…she had just discovered that she LOVES banana pudding. 🙂 🙂 🙂

Yep…I’m cheating! I’m spiking 4 ounces of formula with about half a tablespoon of banana pudding. I know I’m probably sabotaging my ability to nurse her for much longer…but she’s almost a year old and I wasn’t planning on going much longer then that. And I’m sure there are many thinking right now that I’m horrid for feeding my child sugar to get her to drink milk…but here’s another little secret – I’ve been to put a bit of sugar in water to get them to drink it. But LittleMiss, for last night and tonight, drank her “Nana Milk”, nursed for her usual half hour, and went peacefully to sleep…and is sleeping all night again.

And I don’t feel guilty!


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