Lemons, Lemons Everywhere

ohand Our climate here is perfect for citrus. I’ve seen many wonderful examples of that all over the area, but I’ve only had minimal success.

My grapefruit and orange trees in the back are still small and seem to be struggling. I’m guessing there might be an iron deficiency…hopefully I’ll get some answers later this month by attending a citrus class.

My orange tree in the front is starting to finally look great this year…getting bigger and “fleshing” out beautifully. I even got a Christmas Orange…a single orange that got missed by the initial bud removal earlier in the season.

But my lovely little lemon tree has always been a vigorous, now not so “little”, grower. This was the first season we let it fruit, and WOW is all I can say.

We harvested about 50 lemons…and there’s still more trying to ripen. So what did I do with all those lemons? Oh and I should say that a coworker of GadgetMan also has a happy little lemon tree(s?) and gave us a bunch of lemons as well. I’m estimating that I got at least 150 lemons. The challenge was trying to figure out how to effectively use all of the fruit with little waste. Lemons aren’t like apples or oranges that you can just eat off the tree (unless you’re GadgetMan). I’m happy to report that we did manage to use a good 90% of the fruit! GadgetMan grated and peeled the skins for Lemon zest (both frozen and dried) and candy peels…and my handy little juicer juiced the fruit for lemonade and lemon juice. I even saved some of the “lemon water” from the candy peels to use as a garden insect repellent.

A huge success!


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