ihand Why does dental work have to be sooooo expensive?!?!? I know that any kind of medical work is expensive…and I know that doctors and dentists are only trying to make a living. But anything “dental” sends my stress levels through the roof! I already have a huge aversion to dentists – probably due to not so gentle dentists in the past. I wonder if that would be considered post-traumatic stress syndrome? I also don’t handle mouth pain really well. Then you add the stress of what seems like extreme costs…like $2000 for root canal and crown or $70 to just re-cement a crown! Let’s just say that the last few weeks have not been the happiest this year. I know that many consider dental problems to be due to lifestyle choices…but that isn’t always the case. Thoughts like that have been eating me up inside…especially when having to fix my teeth is taking away from my family’s needs. But my teeth problems aren’t caused by poor eating or hygiene habits. Most of it’s caused by early childhood illness and the medications needed for that, genetics, and crooked dentists. All I can do is continue doing the best I can to slow the destruction of my teeth and pray our budget can handle whatever comes.

The kidlets and Gadgetman have been absolute saints with putting up with my crankiness during this month that should have been full of joy and celebrations. I’ve not been functioning very well…and there’s still a few more weeks of healing before I think I’ll be back to normal. Yet they’ve all stepped up and have been trying hard to make my Christmas a joyful one. I also owe Gadgetman’s boss a huge thank you! He’s been so willing to let Gadgetman drop whatever and meet me at the dentists’ offices to watch the kidlets – we don’t really have a babysitter nor funds to pay for one willing to watch 6 at the drop of a hat. Thank you – for blessing my life!

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