A Child…is not Always Healthy

ahand As a parent, we always hope that our children will stay healthy and happy. But any one of us who has walked the halls and rocked all night with a sick little one and done endless loads of upped-up on laundry, knows that’s children get sick.  My children have had their fair share of flu, colds and various other childhood sicknesses.  Most of the time, it’s only a matter of making the child comfortable and letting the sickness run its course. But sometimes a child is hit with something that requires help from a health care professional with better resources then I have.  And at those times, having a health care professional that is liked and trusted makes a whole world of difference.

We were very lucky to find a wonderful pediatrician shortly after moving here.  She was definitely an answer to prayers and I feel strongly that she was key in saving DoubleD’s life.  Several others agreed that she was really really good and well liked.  It’s very rare for a doctor of any kind to take the time to really listen to both parent and child…and be willing to admit something was a puzzle and then work hard at finding the answer to that puzzle.  So you can imagine my shock and despair at learning back in August that she was no longer working for the practice there. I like to think of myself as a open minded and fairly easy going, but I have to admit that I could not stand the other pediatricians there…one in particular has been so openly contemptuous of my mothering knowledge…that the thought of continuing to take my children to that practice filled my with dread.

But you’ll be happy to know (okay pretend you’ll be happy) that after researching, taking a couple of my little ones to a different doctor, and being told that our favorite doctor was not going into a different practice…I have found her again! 🙂  🙂  🙂  She did open her own practice and is just as wonderful with my children as ever before!  I am so relieved…we’re into the worst time of the flu season and keeping DoubleD healthy requires a little more then I can do on my own.  And I didn’t look forward to trying to explain his history to different doctors…especially ones who hold their own abilities to be greater then common sense.

It’s a good thing too…with perfect timing…all of my children are  currently illustrating the fact that they are “not always healthy”.


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