A Child…is Laughter

ahand Have you ever noticed how sweet and contagious a child’s laughter is?  The pure laughter that comes from the intense happiness and joy that seems to follow children where ever they go.  It’s the kind of laughter that magically turns a frown upside down and can bring light into a darkened room.  I love to hear my children laugh…it’s one of the best blessings of having 6. Get one or two laughing and it’s not long before the house is filled with giggles and laughter.  And with LittleMiss discovering the joys of life, it’s not hard to get someone laughing.  Add to that the fact that my other children are in the fun stage of making up jokes, you can imagine the level of laughter we’ve had around here.  And at this time of year…that’s a good thing!


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