ihand I apologize for being a few days late in writing this, but it’s been a crazy “TurkeyDay” week. I’ve not had a lot of time to sit and ponder all those things I’m thankful for…at least not in a way that would be coherent to others. There are a lot of things over this last year that I am so very grateful for.

I’m thankful for God and the Gospel. My faith and testimony gives me strength and peace during times of struggle and stress…and those who know me know the struggles and stress my little family has experienced over the last couple of years. This year has been a good year though. I’m thankful for a dear and loving God who has the greatest power of patience in existence…He’d have to in order to listen to me on a daily basis 🙂 .

I’m thankful for my family. GadgetMan is my best friend…and I’m grateful for his willingness to take on this Life’s Journey with me. He’s supportive in all that I do, and an equal partner in our parenting endeavors. And I’m so thankful for my children. Once upon a time ago, we were told that I may never be able to have children…and if I did, I’d probably never carry them to term. Each pregnancy has been far from a picnic…and I can say without any doubt or reserve, that pregnancy is not my favorite thing to do. But I can also say…and shout from every mountain top…that my children are worth every difficulty. (Though I wouldn’t turn down a calm, healthy, uneventful pregnancy next time.)

I’m thankful for smiles…for laughter…for lessons learned…for joy…for hugs…and for life – yesterday, today and tomorrow.

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