A Child…is not Obedient

ahand Not that children are purposefully and intentially disobedient.  But I’m sure that every parent in the world can attest to the fact that children aren’t naturally obedient either.  There are always exceptions, I’m sure…but my children are not the exception. In fact, I think my little DoubleD (my 2yo DareDevil) could easily be the poster child for not being obedient. 

Please don’t get me wrong…he really isn’t a disobedient child.  He’s just a typical 2 year old boy whose body and emotions run faster then his brain (or at least that part of the brain that’s supposed to speak caution).  Maybe that’s the key to understanding him (and other similar children).  The caution speaking part of the brain can’t keep up with the flurry of activity the rest of the brain and body experience.  Case in point:  GadgetMan already mentioned having to fix the sliding screen door.  That was the result of DoubleD not being obedient and letting his body run faster then his cautions.  He was running back and forth across the room to smack his hands against the screen door.  It made a really cool smack-thwack sound that had him giggling…though I’m sure the fact that his sister was giggling along with him drowned out all thoughts of caution.  My own words of caution were being ignored…and because I was in the middle of taking care of a baby need, I wasn’t able to physically stop him before the screen door took action itself.  The 3rd smack-thwack was followed by rattle-thump and stunned silence…which of course was shortly followed by whimpers and tears.  Poor little DoubleD learned a hard lesson of bumps and bruises.  His older sister made the observation that with things like this, it’s always better to learn things the “easy way” as opposed to the “hard way”.  I have the strong feeling that DoubleD will be more prone to learning the “hard way”.  His not so obedient side has resulted in several bumps and bruises, something stuck up his nose, a few broken eggs, flour messes, dug up seedlings, and his baby sister learning that she needs to defend herself with screams and a few choice defensive toys (don’t ask).  I love him dearly…but I hope he has 2 just like him!


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