Handy D.B. rolls into action!

This is GadgetMan, checking in for the first time, grateful that ForeverWhy is willing to share her special place with me.

I wanted to share a tale of one of our U.D.B. Just last week Handy D.B. came out for a little visit.

See, one of our dear little ones decided that going through the screen door was easier than opening it. And who can really blame him? How many of you out there have a squeaky, rough, sticks half-way screen door like ours? Oh yes, we swept out the tracks, but that just improved it about 20% (after all rocks DO cause troubles).

Of course, I grew up with many screen doors just like it. I still remember my dad down with a bar of soap “greasing” the track. Well, after a day of the screen being off its track (we were lucky he didn’t take the screen out of the frame), I decided it was time to put it back up so we could enjoy opening the door for a fresh breeze.

I went outside with a flat screwdriver (I can’t ever get my fat fingers to keep the wheels up while sliding them onto the track) ready for action. I was stopped in my tracks however as Handy D.B. pointed out a quick little trick to keep the screen door rolling nice. He showed me how rough the wheels were turning on the bottom side of the screen door. It didn’t take rocket science to come to the simple solution and I promptly went back to the garage for some spray lube.

As Handy D.B. had asked, what is the worst that could happen? The screen door could be sticking and catching again in a day or two after gathering in more dust and grit. So I liberally sprayed each wheel, even the top ones (hey, might as well since I have the spray can out and a screen door in my hands). And, lo, Handy D.B. was right! The door rolls like a charm still a week later (even with a layer of dirt in the track).

Thoughts by Gadgetman


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