Pomegranate Harvest

ohand My pomegranate tree is only 3 years old, but we’ve already had 2 years of harvest from this bushy tree. Technically, the pomegranate tree is really a bush…but it can be trained as a tree, which is what we’re aiming for. Each winter/spring pruning season a few more branches are removed from the lower section (along with any suckers and dead and stray limbs). It’s amazing how much this tree grows in a season.

Last year GadgetMan harvested about 60-70 fruit. He does the harvesting because the limbs are covered in nasty thorns, and spiders find the fruit perfect for hunting (I’m a little bit more then afraid of spiders…but that’s a post for another day). Despite all of my research, I was only able to use about 35 of the fruit last year because not all of them were quite ripe…and despite the reassurance that they would, pomegranates do not sit on the counter waiting patiently for attention.

Earlier this spring, I watched with excitement as the tree became covered in beautiful red flowers (a pleasant side effect of this is that we get many little hummingbirds playing in our yard). I had been told a while ago, that it’s not uncommon for fruit trees to alternate good and bad years so I was already resigned to the idea that I’d get a low harvest this year. But my fears were quickly put to rest as I watched the poor pomegranates limbs droop towards the ground with an abundance of heavy fruit.

Look at all those red/orange beauties all over the lower half of the tree. We had a heavy wind storm that blew off the top blossoms. Can you imagine the whole tree covered in pomegranates?

So how many did we finally harvest? 121!!!!! With only 15 of those being bad. Most of them the size of a baseball…with a few softball size and a handful a little bigger then golf ball size.

This tree has been a great investment! Here pomegranates are $2.50 a piece on sale…Wow!

Now I just have to deseed them.


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