Let’s Talk About the Weather

ihand There’s really no point to this post…no grand revelation or deep insight. Just a little rattle and vent on my part. We’ve lived here since the summer of 2005, and the only thing that I just can not get used to is the weather. You’d think that I’d be more inclined to complain about the 100+ degree weather of the late spring and summer…and even though I’m pretty good at complaining about that…I’m having a harder time getting used to the fall and winter. You’re probably going to think I’m being silly…or even a little insane. It’s not that I long for cold temperatures and snow or anything like that. I’m not a snow person…I actually like the temperatures right now (mid 70s to low 80s). I love the extra gardening season…I love going places and being outside without layers of coats and sweaters…I even love sitting out at night and watching the stars without freezing my buns off. So what’s my complaint? My mind and body just can’t seem to shake the years of conditioning that growing up in the colder Midwest has done. It can be quite disconcerting to find myself bracing for the cold each morning and when I go outside. It takes some time to wrap my head around the idea that Halloween costumes can’t be hot and stuffy. And it feels a little unnatural that Thanksgiving is less then a week away and the idea of eating our feast out on the patio is a viable possibility.  And I suppose there is even a tiny part of me that misses the snuggling warm under layers of blankets and hot pads…and the soothing feeling of hot hot showers. I guess it’s hard to reprogram years of environmental programing.

**sigh** A silly complaint, I know…but I’m too tired to think too deeply today. Perhaps next time I’ll rail against an injustice or endeavor to right a wrong…but today I’ll complain about the weather.

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