A Child…is not a Tart

ahand One of the most frustrating things as a parent, at least for this parent, is clothing our children. It’s frustrating enough that they grow so fast. And I’m sure I’m not the only Mom who feels a touch of exasperation at ketchup, mustard, or grass stains. I also doubt my children are the only ones who can put holes in a new pair of pants faster then the speed of light, nor am I the only parent with toddlers that think clothes are contrary to human nature. But the frustration that exceeds all other frustrations is the lack of appropriate clothing to choose from. Especially for my girls.

I often wonder if designers have any children of their own. Do they really think dressing our girls as street floozies is a safe and responsible thing to do? Call me over protective if you wish, but I think modesty has to be more then a personal and religious choice today. Inappropriate dress, I feel, is an open invitation for sick-os to let their imaginations run wild…and frankly I don’t want anyone’s imagination to include my children!

Trying to find appropriate clothing that isn’t too low cut or too high cut or missing from the middle or displaying images in inappropriate places has been a nightmare of unbelievable proportions lately. The lack of choice would naturally make anyone think it must be a supply and demand kind of thing, but every single store I looked in, there were several other mothers expressing frustration over the same things. So why must it be so hard?

I guess it’s time to dust off the sewing machine and try making clothes again. Maybe time will have improved my skills in that area a tad bit more.


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