Journey to the Center of the Earth (2008)

ehand I have got to say that I absolutely LOVE this movie! It’s been hard for me to get excited over any movie lately. It’s either some of the same old same old…or horribly weak plot filled with fluff…or embarrassing levels of acting…or pure porn. Now, because I really liked this movie, you can be reasonably assured that most of the “professional critics” hated it. In fact, I did find a few fun critic reviews here…if you care to read some of them yourself. A couple of my favorites are by Matthew Sorrento (Film Threat) and Jan Stuart (Los Angeles Times). One described it “as a 3D film dumbed down to a theme park attraction” and the other said that “Ultimately, Journey to the Center of the Earth’s minor-league visual pleasures will be most enjoyed by those with the smallest number of celluloid reference points”. That must be me. 😀

Brendan Fraser is one of my favorite actors. That’s probably one of the main reasons I enjoyed Journey to the Center of the Earth. I love his ability to make sarcastic humor look so easy. And once again he pulled that off beautifully. I even liked the bratty opinionated teenager played by Josh Hutcherson. I liked that adults weren’t made to look completely imbecilic and the teenager was taught a few good lessons. And I even enjoyed the fact that the heroine got dirty and her hair lost it’s perfect groomed appearance. I don’t remember any foul language or other improper behavior. And the story line wasn’t just another remake of “a good thing”.

I understand that this is what’s considered a “B-movie”. There’s not any kind of deep plot line, but there’s not a whole lot of fluff either. The special effects are fun, and for once I didn’t feel like I had to adjust the light and dark to see what was going on. But I often like B-movies…if they do 3 things for me. 1) Not disgust me with horrid behavior; 2) the acting isn’t too head shaking embarrassing; and 3) it makes me laugh. This movie definitely made me laugh. I’m looking forward to adding it to my permanent collection to watch whenever I want.



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