Meet GadgetMan

uhand We’ve been married 13 years, and plan on many more wonderful years to come. I value his opinions and use him as a good sounding board. Without his encouragement, I doubt this website would ever be. He makes it easier for me to believe in my dreams, because he believes in me. Wow…that sounds cheesy, doesn’t it? But it’s true. I don’t know where I’d be without him…and I have no desire to find out!

So why do we call him the GadgetMan? He’s really good at coming up with ways to solve the problems and issues that inevitably crop up while raising kidlets and running a household. He’s good at thinking outside the box. One of his favorite television personalities is MacGyver. From time to time, I’ve said we’re lucky to have our own version of MacGyver right here when we need him. One day, after fixing a broken dishwasher and a problematic sink (if you have children you know what a disaster this can be!), I asked the kids what they thought of “MacGyver Dad”. Blank stares were not the reaction I was looking for. Okay…back peddle a bit…apparently more explanation was needed. “MacGyver is like Gizmo the Gadget Man from DuckTales.” Now they got it…and GadgetMan stuck.

Don’t be surprised if you see many references to him and his unique way of solving things. I also hope to get him to add a few posts of his own.

So everyone wave and say hello to GadgetMan!


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