Speed Trap?

I can’t believe all the fuss going on about the photo-radar cameras going up. There’s a lot of screaming about how this is just another way to take money from “the little guy”, refuse to address real issues, and “big brother” trying to force everyone to conform. There are all kinds of suggestions about beating the system and forcing the cameras out of business.

Can I just say “idiot”? Or is “immature” a better adjective? Statistics have shown time and time again that these photo-radar cameras are working to reduce the frequency and severity of accidents. The argument that they’re just money makers for greedy companies and the state falls short of the mark. Sure they make money, only because there are plenty of speeders who think they can “beat the system”. Of course companies are benefiting…especially the companies responsible for putting up the cameras…they’re entitled to make money off their services. And the monies that go to the state fund many things like road construction and schools and law enforcement related programs that would have to be funded in other ways – like taxes. The only “little guy” I see getting money taken from them are the speeders…who frankly are only reaping the consequences of their actions…and they should be grateful that a speeding ticket is the only consequence they are faced with. Well that and increased insurance premiums. But again, the consequences could be greater. And frankly, I’d rather my family not be collateral damage to their stupidity.

Addressing the “real” issue that so many think would be better, isn’t a real solution either. I understand that there are other factors that cause accidents on the roadways. But speeding is a huge issue…at least in this area. Using the money that was put into the photo-radar cameras to higher more law enforcement officers to police the roadways, isn’t a cost effective solution. Nor is it very practical. One cameras can catch many more speeders in the time it takes one officer to catch one speeder. Plus it’s more speeding cars on the roadway with the potential to cause more accidents. Just recently a young officer was killed in an accident responding to a call. That’s one more life lost…one more family aching…and who knows how many other lives and futures broken. I’m not saying this is an excuse to get rid of our dedicated and brave law enforcement officers…and I’m all for hiring more. But I’d rather see them protecting the people in other ways…like catching violent criminals before they hurt the true “little guy”.

Now I have to laugh hysterically at the argument that this is another way that the government is forcing everyone to conform. Ummm HELLO! This is something I wish more people would conform to. Follow the law! Drive the speed limit! I just don’t see why this is a bad idea. Forcing me to wear certain clothing or eat certain foods or receive a certain education or teach my children a certain religion…that I’d scream and yell at. But implementing a way to encourage everyone to reduce their speed and maybe save a life…to follow the law…that I can’t get all bent out of shape over. After all, the photo-radar cameras aren’t forcing anyone to obey the law. Idiots still have the right to reap the consequences of their actions.

If you don’t like the cameras and wish to put them out of business, then follow the simplest solution…stop speeding. If you’re concerned about this being another money making scheme, then stop feeding the system…stop speeding! If you want to see other “issues” addressed, then become part of the solution and invent a better solution…stop speeding! If you want to be a free spirit and do things your own way, then find a responsible way to do so…but stop speeding!

Bottom line – stop speeding!

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