HD & Spike Tail

Introducing a couple of our garden helpers…finally named by the kids.

This is the Woodhouse Toad that we originally feared was a Sonoran Desert Toad which is a dangerous part of the Bufo Toad family. Our little Woodhouse Toad is fairly harmless. It’s still a Bufo Toad and will produce yucky stuff that causes animals to foam at the mouth, but it’s not poisenous…though eating the thing isn’t really advisable. I’m glad because our little Dachshund is a ball of energy with a tongue longer then her body. She wouldn’t be content slightly tasting the thing…she’d want to great it in true form by using all of her tongue…and more then once! We still stress that the kids don’t play with any toad they might run across, but that this little visitor is be made welcome…provided he earns his keep as a “wonderful organic pest exterminator”.

I’m all excited again! My garden is becoming home to many useful Garden Helpers. We need to finish the couple of Lizard habitats we want to put in (anyone have any BIG rocks they want to send? ). We already have a good smattering of blue-bellied lizards and this big guy…

It’s a typical spiny lizard. His tail is almost twice as long as his body! But he’s not dangerous to the kids or animals…though he drives the dogs nuts running back and forth on the wall taunting and teasing them. The only poisonous lizard in Arizona is the Gila monster…which this definitely is not.

So without further ado…please welcome Hoppy Digger (HD) & Spike Tail!


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