or lack thereof? A few days ago there was a horrible tragedy I heard about on the news. A husband and father went to the store one evening and never came home (one of my greatest fears). His car was found in the desert burned out and he was found later with one gunshot to the chest. My heart goes out to his wife and children left behind. For a while there was speculation about whether this was random or related to his job at the prison…and the police didn’t appear to have much to go on (though you never know what they really do know as they go about their duties). Apparently 2 young men wanted a “ride” to a party. This is the part that is scary…one of them lay in the road pretending to be hurt waiting for someone to stop and “help him”. When this father did, the other young man jumped out of the bushes and shot him. These young men confessed to this.

It seems like this type of thing is happening more and more and I always wonder…where is the empathy? There was no thought beyond what they wanted…and they felt they had the right to take it. Did they really think that after they shot him everything would be okay? Is it a product of brain altering drug use, inappropriate media use, or other environmental factors? I’m not trying to make excuses…I’m sure lawyers come up with plenty on their own…including the whole “they were born with some mental problem that made them do it” excuse. Can you tell I have issues with that particular thinking? I know there are many who would argue one thing or another…trying to explain what’s wrong with society today…but I honestly think that a lot of it can be blamed on “entertainment” and a feeling of entitlement with young people today. No one can tell me that flooding children with images of violence and immorality doesn’t change them. And our society that is so good at giving our children what they want becasue they can, does a huge diservice to them as well. Those who can get whatever they want feel entitled to have more…and those who can’t for whatever reason, feel that they can take it because they deserve it more then someone else. Or perhaps they have no concept of the consequences of their actions. Those they see around them aren’t any more real then the characters they see in various forms of entertainment.

I don’t know…it’s sad all the way around. So many lives broken and ruined…families and individuals hurting…all for a “want” that was never should have been.

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